Brian Douglas

Brian is one special young man. Brian tells his story in this terrific video.We are honored to work with Brian through our charity and excited to see his Paralympic dreams come true!


John Miller

John provides his testimonal in this video. John is a testament to how personal desire, improved surgical techniques and sound prosthetics can improve someones life they may be faced with Limb loss.



Cynthia Meeker


In Memorium

Cindy was a courageous women struck down by a blood clot, stroke, and lung cancer before succumbing to her illnesses on August 19th, 2012. Below are some kind words from her husband:

My wife, Cindy Meeker, was a below the knee amputee for her left leg due to a blood clot in her left iliac artery. She got to use her prosthetic leg for only a very little while before she passed away due to a stroke and stage 4 lung cancer. This all happened in the course of 3 months. Aaron Fitzsimmons was her prosthetic doctor and he and his staff were helpful to Cindy during her time of need and I too am forever more grateful for all his time and efforts. With that being said, I want to show my thanks by helping out in anyway I can for the color run scheduled for the 20th of October. I’m an over the road truck driver and I run all 48 states and Canada. I plan to take that weekend off to help in the color run. Please contact me and let me know what I need to do, meet at, who to contact, etc.. It will be an honor to help and devote my time and efforts for such a worthy cause.. Will be waiting to hear from you. Sincerely, Joe Meeker.

Joe Meeker

We appreciated all the time we had with Cyndi and Joe’s kind words.

Kathy Shrader


Kathy’s story is one of determination. Kathy had a horrible car accident in her home of Arkansas and ended up with numerous broken bones. She ultimately lost her left leg below the knee and her right leg is confined to a boot walker. After months of being told she would never walk again, being turned away from numerous prosthetic clinics because she did not have insurance, her sister Darlene found our clinic on the internet. After talking with Kathy, we made the decision that if she was willing to make the trip to Nashville we would make her a leg. Well the rest is history.

Kathy came to our clinic the week after Christmas 2011 and left a little over a week later with a new prosthesis. After not walking with both legs for almost 2 years, she walked out of our office and headed back to Arkansas. Kathy was determined to get her life back again. She drove over 300 miles and worked until exhaustion so that she could go home and prove that she can walk with a prosthesis. We are proud to have given Kathy her life back and look forward to her increased success.

Way to go Wildcat!!!

Brenda Brewer


Ms. Brewer has been through some rough times over the past couple of years. She was working full time and getting by when disaster struck. While visiting family in Cleveland, OH she recieved a cut on her foot that became infected. This infection ultimately caused the lose of her right leg below the knee. After healing enough to come back to Hopkinsville, KY she didn’t know where to turn for help. She didn’t qualify for federal or state disablility to help ease her burdens so she was relegated to visting the free clinic in Hopkinsville for continued treatment.


While visiting the clinic in Hopkinsville she inquired about getting a prosthesis. The clinic logged onto the Barr Foundations website and located The Surgical Clinic. Brenda came down to our office and within 2 weeks was walking on her new prosthesis. She had a goal to get back to work and we are proud to say she has done so. We are extremely proud of Brenda and look forward to her continued success!