Ertl Procedure


William H. Edwards, Jr, MD, MBA FACS   and   Jim Bob Faulk, MD, FACS, RVPI

Dr. Edwards and Dr. Faulk are the ONLY surgeons in the states of Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Georgia with advanced training in the Ertl surgery.  Dr. Edwards has been to Oklahoma City to learn Osteomyoplastic amputation techniques from William JJ Ertl, MD. Dr Chris Ertl performed Ertl surgeries alongside Dr. Faulk and Dr. Edwards for unique and in depth education

Chris Ertl, MD (William Ertl’s brother) has performed the Ertl surgery in Nashville, TN with TSC surgeons for advanced training in the latest techniques for TSC patients.  To schedule an appointment to see if this life changing procedure is right for you please contact us.  For more information, please visit  or leave a comment below.

Dr. Edwards                                                        Dr. Faulk

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Ertl Patient Testimonials