A special issue of our newletter “Amuptee Times” has been published. This issue is regarding the massive changes propsed by the Medicare Contractors that will severely limit access for amputees.

These changes effect everyone regardless if they are missing a limb or not. If these changes go into effect then you can rest assured that other sectors of the healthcare industry will be effected.

Click the link below. Inform yourself, join the fight, and stand up for quality care for all!!!

Amputee Times Special Issue

ACTION NEEDED: Sign the Petition TODAY!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We are in need everyone’s assistance. Amputee way of life in America is under attack. Medicare has proposed changes that will limit the care and degrade the technological advances in prosthetics for those effected by limb loss. Unelected bureaucrats are using misinformation to create severe restrictions on the level of care that will be provided by your healthcare professionals. This will not only effect amputees but this type of restrictions will filter into the other sectors of the healthcare industry.

We need you to sign the petition to rescind the proposal submitted from the Medicare contractors. It takes a matter of seconds to add your name and tell the government to back off of these ridiculous changes. Please take part in this monumental task. It doesn’t cost you a thing to sign the petition. Not signing could limit care for people desperately needing the chance to live their life with all the opportunities have. Join us as we fight against this horrible proposal.

Remember this will not just effect the amputee community. Ultimately, passing these changes opens the door to more restrictions from Medicare. The next restriction may not be for amputees but for a health issue that you are being treated for. Go to the link below and sign the petition TODAY!!!!


June 2015 Newsletter

The new updated version of our clinic newsletter Amputee Times is ready. You can view the electronic version at the link below. If you’d like a hard copy please email us and request the next newletter by mail. Its getting hot out there and in this issue we cover moisture issues.

Amputee Times Moisture Control


Prosthetic Technology #TBT

From the age of Pharaohs to present day, technology has evolved and improved the way we do things. This is true if you were building a pyramid in Cairo man, many years ago or today in Memphis, TN. Prosthetics are not immune to this technological evolution. Click on the picture below to view a great story on where some scientist say it all began.



Winner, Winner!!! DJ Scores Top Super Story!!!

DJ Noon ShowWinner, winner!! The votes are in and DJ’s “Super Story” landed him a commerical before last Sunday’s Superbowl as well as an in studio interview on Knoxville’s WBIR morning show. Take a moment and watch this humble guy share what it takes to live life with no boundries. Way to go DJ!

Jacob Rainey 3 years Later

Jacob Rainey is an incredible person to endure life’s difficulties and still strive for reaching his dreams. We all could benefit from his perseverance. We are glad to support Jacob through our charity and stand beside him as he works towards his goal of being an NCAA quarterback. Click on the picture of Jacob to read a recent story about him in the Washington Post.


A Letter of Thanks

2014.11.07_FB Post

It’s the month of Thanksgiving and we wanted to share a letter of thankfulness. Noah McLaughlin is one couragous kid and his sister Mika explains why she is thankful for her little brother:

My Brother Noah

The hot sun boiled on my face as I stood on the sidewalk in front of my school waiting for my mom. My feet screamed at me to sit on the hot sidewalk but I resisted. I looked around to find I was the only one left. My teacher came to my side, “Let’s go inside dear,” she said. I could only nod my head. I took one more look at the road and saw nothing but an empty parking lot. As we walked inside the rush of cool air whipped through my hair. I signed listening to the hum of the air conditioner that sat against the wall. She led me to the office I took a seat on the cold chair which cooled off my sweaty legs. As I turned my head to look towards the door my mom’s face appeared in the window. She seemed happier then usually, rushing into the office.

“Forgive me.” She said to my teacher. My mom walked over to me and grabbed my hand. We walked out of the office and back out to the heat of day. I remembered in the back of my mind that it was Friday, grocery shopping day. We traveled down the road on our way to Walmart, the place I dreaded the most in my entire life. When we got to the parking lot my mom didn’t turn the car off. She just sat and looked out her window. “Mom, are we going inside?” I asked. She sat silently for a moment then whispered.  “You’re going to be a sister.” “I am going to be a sister?” I asked. “Yes.” She said. An overwhelming joy took over my body and I shouted with excitement. I was going to be like the other kids in my class who had siblings. But I would soon found out having a new member in our family wasn’t going to be all that exciting.
7 Months Later

The morning sunlight blinded me as I sat up from my bed. For this year’s summer had been a hot one. Sweat dripped down my face. I could usually hear the buzzing sound of our air conditioner but instead I heard silence. Then I could hear my dad outside my door yelling at the machine. Today, we were traveling to my great-grandma’s house for a visit. I was always excited to go see great-grandma; her house was always fun to play at. Her house has been around since the Great Depression. It did however take a very long time to get there. Sitting in the car wasn’t my favorite part of the journey.

I got out of bed and traveled down our white hallway into the kitchen. Mom stood by the counter packing whatever was left for our stay at great-grandma’s house. I looked at her curiosity; her big belly reminded me of the kids at school who put the balls in the gym down their shirts. I wondered what it is like to have something growing inside of you. “Go get dressed! We have to go!” She shouted at me once she realized I was standing beside her. Having a big belly also makes her very grumpy. When we drove into the dirt drive way in front of the house I could see great-grandma in her garden picking at weeds and checking her vegetables. When she saw us she waved and smiled. She ran to hug us and welcomed us. She always was excited to see us.

After we got settled in I went out into the yard, there was a swing that hung on the big cottonwood in the front of the yard. It was old and rusting but it was a way for me to fly into the air without having gravity pull me back down to earth. Here is where I found peace and happiness. My mom came out to play with me but ran back inside, I ran in after her. She ran into the bathroom and shut the door. She didn’t lock it so I turned the knob of the door. I found my mom in the bathtub, bleeding. I stood frozen in the doorway. I couldn’t move my body had not caught up with my mind. My dad ran into the bathroom pushing me out of the way, and then slammed the door in my face pulling me out of my daze. My heart thumbing in my chest and tears fell down my face. What was wrong with mom? For what seemed like hours I heard running down the hall and the slam of the front door. I ran outside just to see the car speed down the road.

They drove three hours to the hospital while my mom was bleeding to death. They got there just in time for her to do a sea section. What came out my mom was something the doctors had never seen before, a boy without any fingers and a left lower leg. They placed him into her arms and she stared at the smallest thing she had seen. She wondered how something so small could survive a harsh life that was ahead. My dad waited outside to hear any news on my mom and the baby. The doctor came up to him and told him the events that had occurred. After the doctor had left him with this shocking news he fell into a chair and held his head in his hands and whispered, “God, what have you done?” They both thought how would he be able to survive life like this but little did they know he would do more than just live.

When I walked into the hospital room; it felt like the air had been sucked out by a vacuum. Everyone was staring at a plastic box beside my mom. I walked slowly to it and looked inside to see the most beautiful thing I had ever seen even without his fingers and leg he was the most precious boy I had ever seen. From that moment on I knew he would change the world because he survived what could have been his death. My mom and my brother were released from the hospital after two days. The hospital never found out why he survived and came to the conclusion that he is just another miracle.
After he was born we thought he would need a physical therapist to help him do daily things in life like eat, walk, and play. But he worked better finding his own way to do things. Why he lived will always be a mystery to all of us. But I do know that he has taught us that nothing is impossible. He plays basketball and he runs track for a company called Blade Runners which is where he got his leg so that he can walk like us. He has been able to impact everyone’s life that is around him and for that I am thankful for my brother Noah.

Mika McLaughlin