Who we are

The Surgical Clinic (TSC) is the Nation’s first prosthetic clinic developed specifically for vascular surgeons.

TSC surgeons recognized how difficult life with an amputation was for their patients and wanted to explore ways to make their patients’ lives better. TSC hired Aaron Fitzsimmons, CP, OT, FAAOP, a leader in the prosthetic field, to develop and improve amputee care. This collaboration has led to the adoption of new surgical protocols and patented socket technology and research. TSC recognizes that that the only way to return our amputee patients back to their normal life is by providing the best surgery together with the best prosthetic care.

Established in 2006 we have been developing special amputation protocols and prosthetic fitting techniques that can not be found anywhere else in the country. Our perspective to amputee care is unlike any other prosthetic clinic in the country. Due to this unique service we see amputee patients from all over the country. Unlike any other prosthetic shop your care plan is supervised directly by a medical doctor.

TSC’s focus is on providing our patients with complete prosthetic care not just providing a prosthesis.

  • Often someone facing the loss of a limb feels alone and like there are not any good options, we are here to help. Our process is unique in the country in that we can offer someone facing amputation a second opinion from a surgical team with specialized training in amputation surgery techniques that are not offered anywhere else in the SouthEast US. We encourage an evaluation so that the surgery and fitting process can truly be customized to your individual needs. The fitting process varies slightly depending on whether the patient is a new amputee receiving their first prosthesis, or if they have been wearing a prosthesis for some time and will be receiving a replacement prosthesis.

    Contact our office to schedule a pre-surgical evaluation or call and speak to our knowledgeable staff about your questions, thoughts, and concerns.  You can set up a meeting with one of our Amputee Advocates to explore your options and receive a free consultation with one of our experienced prosthetists who can alleviate your fears and prepare a customized plan to explain a new beginning for you. All consultations and evaluations are performed free of charge.

    Please remember that at our clinic we are patient-focused and want you te feel completely comfortable to speak your mind.

Meet the Team

Aaron Fitzsimmons, CP, OT, FAAOP

Aaron's passion for helping people began with Camp Easter Seals organization during his undergraduate college experience. Aaron would spend 9 weeks each summer at a residential camp caring for children and adults with various disabilities including, CP, Spina Bifida, Autism, MR, TBI, MVA, MD, Downs Syndrome, and various other congenital disorders. The reward of helping others continued early on in a career as an Occupational Therapist (OT) but something was missing. Aaron paid for OT school by doing construction work and early in his career he realized he missed this 'building' aspect of work. Aaron then met Ronney Snell. Ronney was the president of the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association, AOPA, and had a private practice in Memphis, TN. Aaron began volunteering and working a second job with Ronney as a prosthetic technician. Aaron realized quickly that prosthetics was the combination of helping others and building things he was looking for in order to make a positive difference in people's lives. Aaron went back to graduate school for prosthetics in Connecticut then went back to work with Ronney to complete his residency work. Aaron contributes much of his knowledge base and focus to the great example that Ronney Snell set for him and hopes to make a difference in the field of prosthetics to somehow honor Ronney Snell.

Daryl Farler, CPA

Daryl is the Manager of Prosthetics for The Surgical Clinic. He has been with TSC for over 4 years as an employee and was one of the initial patients of the prosthetic clinic when it was started in 2006. Daryl has a unique story on how he got into the prosthetic field. Daryl's life changed in early February of 2006 when he felt like he may have the flu on a Sunday night and by Monday was in intensive care fighting for his life. He was facing multiple organ shut down and near death. Daryl was put on life saving medication which limited blood flow to his extremities. This kept his internal organs alive, saved his life, but caused other traumatic problems. He was in a coma for over 2 weeks, then awoke to realize he was blind in one eye and would be forced to have both legs amputated below the knee as well as all but 3 of his fingers amputated. After the initial shock, Daryl became determined to walk again. Ultimately this was all due to a scratch from a dog near his eye! Daryl is now a certified peer counselor and certified prosthetic assistant (CPA). Daryl earned a BBA from Middle Tennessee State University in 2004. He serves on the board of our charity Amputee Blade Runners and is an accomplished triathlete. He serves as the Below Knee Amputee Athlete Liaison for ABR and provides expertise to the new grant recipients. When not working, training, or racing, Daryl enjoys spending time with his wife, Chevonne and 2 children, Clark and Bristol. Daryl has a unique passion for serving others in the limb loss/ limb difference community. Daryl takes time with each of our patients to help each one cope with their loss through peer counseling. This really makes him an integral part of the Team at TSC, where we offer a level of care that is not available anywhere else in the country.

Daniel Sharer

Daniel is originally from southern Kentucky, and currently a Prosthetic Assistant at The Surgical Clinic. He attended college at Western Kentucky University and enjoys outdoor activities including cycling, kayaking, hiking, camping, climbing and more. Along with Daniel’s outdoor activities, he also enjoys various auto racing, shows and events. Daniel has traveled and worked all across the United States as well as parts of Europe and Asia. Originally from a retail manufacturing back ground, Daniel has moved to Nashville to begin a new, rewarding career in prosthetics. Daniel’s retail manufacturing allows him to bring knowledge of mass manufacturing and unique manufacturing materials to bolster our fabrication processes. His efforts help our clinic improve upon the industries current fabrication methods. Although Daniel is not an amputee he is vested in providing our patient’s with the best products available. Daniel strives to maintain TSC’s commitment to our patient’s through improved fabrication and patient centered care. Daniel is continually educating himself on the prosthetic industry and strives to share his knowledge so that amputees have improved outcomes

Melissa King

Melissa is our Prosthetic Coordinator. Melissa joined our team in 2015. She has worked for The Surgical Clinic for over 3 years in various capacities and we are excited to have her in the prosthetic department. Melissa is passionate about helping our patients. Melissa’s unique knowledge of how our department works makes her a valuable asset not only to our team but also our patients. Melissa helps by troubleshooting patient problems over the phone, scheduling for the clinic, and making sure we have all the needed paperwork on file so we can deliver the products that our patients need. Melissa is a very important part of what makes our team the premier provider of prosthetics.

Past Residents

Ryan Fann, CP

Ryan is a certifed prosthetist (CP) and has a bachelors in Business Administration. Ryan's journey into prosthetics started when he was 3 years old. Ryan was ran over while on his big wheel riding in his neighborhood resulting in losing his left leg below the knee. Ryan went on to play sports throughout middle school and high school. Ryan was a starting linebacker for his high school when playing in a TN all star game a prosthetic company offered to make him a running leg and Ryan then went on to run track at Tennessee State University (TSU) with the able bodied athletes the first to do so in TN. Ryan then ran with the US Paralympic track program earning multiple Gold and Bronze medals in the Paralympics. Ryan brings this same committment to excellence and passion to each patient he works with. Whether your goals is elite level athletics or walking around the neighborhood Ryan truly understands and has the ability to get you there.

Jason Hayden, CP

Joel Black, CP Be

Joel is a 35 year old originally from Pennsylvania, and currently a resident at The Surgical Clinic. He is a below the knee amputee for 16 years losing his leg due to a rock climbing accident in college. Since losing his leg Joel has finished college and traveled all over the country as well as internationally. He has led 30 day wilderness trips for the last 13 years with all populations in lots of different regions of the country in all conditions and seasons backpacking, canoeing, and rock climbing. Joel is an active hunter, thrill seeker, traveler, and loves to be outdoors as much as possible. He has tried lots of different prosthetic feet, liners, as well as suspension systems. Joel has had to adapt to using non conventional ways to maintain hygiene while not being able to shower for extended periods of time and continue to be successful with using a prosthesis. He has currently transitioned out of leading extended wilderness trips to pursue the field of prosthetics. Even after being a prosthetic user for 16 years he is still learning daily about ways to be more successful with using a prosthesis as well as options that are out there to amputees. Joel is enjoying his new career path and looks forward to helping and educating other amputees as well as their families.